Kayaking by the views of Krabi

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Hi. Salam sejahtera semua. Best berhujung minggu? Tentulah best menikmati hujung minggu dengan cuaca yang begitu heaven. Too bad, esok sudah masuk hari isnin semula (cuba untuk berfikiran positif). Tengah stress study, tiba-tiba terasa nak menulis. Yang penting, menulis perkara yang dah agak outdated. Jari ini memang ada mood tertentunya. Ada masa malas tahap gaban, ada masa rajin tahan giban. 
For this entry, i just wanna share a little bit of my experiences when i was at Krabi. Surprisingly, this was last year’s journey. Wow, i’m such a bad story teller. I did wrote about Krabi TreeTop Adventure before. Unfortunately, i lost my journal. I barely able to tell the stories in detail for this entry but i’ll try my best to share the things that i still remember.
This time, our activity was kayaking. Frankly, this was my first time doing kayaking. Excited much for sure.    

We booked this activity through the travel agents that we found somewhere around the place we stayed. Although, at the end we realized that it was expensive as we found the offers that are cheaper that we got. I have to tell you this, if you are planning to go to Krabi and it was your first time, book any activities around Ao Nang and they will offer many kind of activities and learn to have a better negotiation skills, for sure. 
Back to the story again, yeah we got the quite expensive one. But its okay, lesson learned. During the second day, we decided to do kayaking after done with TreeTop Adventure. 

We woke as early as 5am to get ready and the driver will fetch us around the hotel that we stayed. The top picture was the view during in the morning. Lovely views!

Bring it on. I am ready for the adventure. Awal-awal of course la muka masih kemas and bersih lagi sebab belum buat any activities lagi kan. We’ll see later. The journey from Ao Nang to the destination took us almost 2 hours. I tell you that it was quite far from the Ao Nang and that is why we up that early to make sure that we don’t miss the beautiful morning.
We reach at the destination 2 hours later and be ready for kayaking. The place is quite similar which means dekat Sabah aku selalu nampak this kind of place cuma tak pernah buat aktiviti kayak je. 

This is how the place looks like. So traditional and full with the magnificent beauty of nature. 


Muka poyo konon-konon fearless tak gentar dengan apa-apa yang melanda. Belum tahu lagi apa yang akan mendatang. So stay calm and tahan nafas. Basically, dua orang la kan yang akan berkayak. So, it was me and Lutfi.

Ni view during kayaking. Memang awesome tahap infiniti. Masa ni tenaga masih lagi stabil boleh lagi bersuara and buat banyak pergerakkan & tidak lupa mengambil gambar yang sebanyaknya dengan pelbagai shot. 

First stop, it was the cave known as The Ghost Cave where you will be able to see lot of skeletons and there are lot of artistic and yet spooking carving around the cave. Once you reach there, there will be one tour guide who will explain the entire questions that you had in your mind basically you’ll have “What’s up with this place? Why is it known as The Big Headed Ghost Cave?” and they will have the answers for you. 

The tourists are having their chances to take photograph as many as they want. Go loitering around this cave. Who knows they might find something extraordinary? LOL

Tahap selekeh: 60%
My advice for those yang truly concerns about their skin and all, don’t forget to apply sunblock cream before you do this activity and mosquito-away cream too. Because this cave is just full with mosquitoes like hell. It will make you out of your mood to spend more time in this cave bila rasa macam diserang nyamuk secara bertubi-tubi. 
Say hello to my travel partner, Lutfi Surol! 
Below are some details about this cave which i concern that most of you will not be able to understand on the first picture. You might jump to the second and third picture instead. LOL

Detail 1

Detail 2

Detail 3
After spending like almost half an hour in that cave, we continue our journey to the other destination which is i called it as Mermaid Cave. Wait & see!

Masa ni tangan dah mula lenguh semacam and sometimes rasa agak tough bila arus angin mula bertentangan dengan our direction and the pressure is quite high and end up i felt extremely exhausted. 

Perfect views that could cure the feeling of being exhausted. Cantik memang cantik. You’ll never regret it. My promise. 
After almost like 20 minutes kayaking, we arrived at the other destination which is the so called Mermaid Cave. Why i called it as mermaid cave?
Some of the local peoples here believe that there is a mermaid who lived here before and you can see one spot where there is a stone that looks like a mermaid sitting on the rock which i found it kinda ridiculous but interesting to know. Picture? None. Because i don’t see the clear views of a mermaid sitting on the rock. I guess my eyes are having a minor problem.

Tahap selekeh: 90%
This time memang quite uncomfortable. Melekit satu badan sebab there is one place that we went where the water agak kotor sekali gus badan rasa melekit ditambah dengan banyak nyamuk. Memang mencabar. This time juga agak penat and luckily this is our last destination sebelum balik semula to our starting point.

Lupa nak inform that we took full-day punya package so there will be a lunch specially prepared for us. Specially means HALAL. Bila tahu makanan yang dihidangkan dijamin halal, apa lagi terus makan macam orang dah berminggu-minggu tak makan (kalau cakap 1 tahun tak makan tu, nampak nau tipunya).

Walaaaaa. Even now bila tengok balik the picture above, still boleh rasa kenikmatan menikmati makanan selepas bertungkus-lumus berkayak. 
Apa yang bestnya untuk full day package is kita sempat lagi merasa untuk tenangkan badan mandi-manda dekat kolam or maybe tasik PHU TARA. This place is not that beautiful though but it helps to reduce the feeling of being exhausted.

Ada tempat khas untuk mandi ala-ala budak terancat akal, lompat sana sini (ke air). Perfect timing bila badan terasa sangat penat walaupun katil dekat hotel sudah mula memanggil.
Well, this is the most likable picture during that time. Perfect timing, perfect weather, perfect pose (sempat lagi). 

Anyway, i am so sorry that i couldn’t state the accurate budget for this journey as i lost the details of my journey and a person that having a short term memory is just unable to remember those things. This was like last year and how far can i remember each of the things? But for sure, you’ll have the idea to Google for the details regarding the budget and all. I’m just sharing the experiences that i had there and its like a rough review for all of you. More updates are coming. 

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  1. eeeee bestlah. but not sure if im capable of this activities. first sbb sy jenis yg semua pun takutt hahahah. i mean yg hmm tak berani x'D dan second maybe stamina tak cukup kuat kot huahuahua. before nak ke krabi ni baik build stamina dulu lahh. 😀

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