Macro Photography with Clip Lens

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Dah lama tak keluar and hunt for good pictures malahan kamera DSLR dah berhabuk dan entah sama ada boleh digunakan lagi ataupun tidak. Too bad, i am just too lazy to deal with DSLR camera since it is just too big and some more i have my smartphone that can allow me to take photograph everytime, everywhere i want. 
This is not a commercial entry, this is just to share with all of you guys out there who loves photography so much. Nothing much, it is just a simple thing that i want to share. Its about mini lens for your smartphone!
Before that, thank you for Keemostore (To order, you can search for this username in IG) for this. I always wanted to have this mini lens for my smartphone but just too lazy to make a purchase through online. Finally, i owned this universal clip lens. Actually, there are many types of lens which are mini macro lens, wide lens, fish-eye lens, and telephoto lens. Believe it or not, it is for your smartphone. 
Mine is 3 in 1 lens where i can have a macro lens, wide lens and fish eye lens. For those who just don’t know how to use macro lens (people keep on complaining that they macro lens just don’t work well), it is not that your lens is having a problem but it is actually the way you use it. 
To get the macro effect, you need to simply bring your camera and lens closer to the object. I mean extremely closer so that the macro lens will works. For this lens, its gonna be for simple things je bukan extreme shot macam National Geographic punya shot. But, it works! Memang nampak effect ‘macro photography’ tu.
The photos below are made by the mini lens for my smartphone (macro lens)

Walaupun tak secantik dan tak sehebat shot yang korang boleh nampak diluar sana, but still you can see the ‘macro’ effect kan? Now you can have it and say goodbye to heavy camera and lens. This is only for those yang suka photography as for hobby and interest je. For those yang memang professional photograper, this is not highly recommended for you. Just stick with your DSLR camera and proper lenses.

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