Movie: Delivery Man

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Aaaaah. Its been a busy week with the notes preparing the self for the upcoming papers. Well, its time to get relax for a while. Movie time!
For this week, it would be another interesting movie to watch and yes it is Delivery Man. After i have watched The Internship and now i am starting to love the way Vince Vaughn plays his role in making the people who watch Delivery Man will deadly laugh on it. 
It is basically a story about a guy named Davin Wozniak who is a meat deliver man been struggling to survive in his life. Handling with the dramas (family and his girlfriend, Emma), his never-ending debts and and and suddenly he have to accept that he is a biological father to 533 children. Wanna know how he made it that far? You have to watch this movie as no one did the thing just like what David Wozniak did. Not to forget, you’ll feel touched for some scenes in this movie especially when the time he met his children. 

Running Time: 104 minutes 
Language: English
Genre: Comedy 
5 Stars
Go and buy your ticket at the nearest cinema and you won’t regret for watching it!

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