My view of being in good life.

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What’s the difference between confident and successful individuals, in every men and women?
All of us been thinking that money is a powerful in everything that are related to our self. Have you ever think the situation that we have like almost everything but we’re just not happy enough with our life as everything are just incomplete. Therefore, what brings you to the greater confident and lead you to a successful life is HAPPINESS.
Some scientific studies have shown that happiness helps people to be more sociable, more productive at work, to make more money and everything. What’s the point of having everything but you’re just unable to feel the taste of being happy?
No matter how hard your life is, no matter how unfortunate your life is, remember to be grateful because you won’t believe that there are thousands of people that are truly unfortunate and desperately needs some improvement in their life. Before you’re about to say that your life is a mess, think about what kind of life that you had compared to your life that makes you think that your life is just a mess. 
Sometimes, mistakes are might be disturbing and disappointing to each of us but one thing that we did not know that if we did not experience any failure in our life, sadly that we’re always in the comfort zone which people might think that you’re such a boring person that do not have any courage to try something new and out of the box. Go outside there and meet a lot of people that you can possibly do and by doing that you’ll see how big the competition is. 
I used to fail along the journey of my life. For the 21 years, not only once, not twice, but many times. I fall down and cry with the tears of disappointments, i almost end up of not to struggle in every things that i do in my life as i see there is no more shine in my life that could possibly bring me to a greater life. At the first place, i was WRONG. I failed in my examination, doesn’t mean that i was born to be unintelligent person. I failed to impressed the people around me, doesn’t mean that i was born to be with the ugly personality forever. The only one key to overcome all these situations is to learn and fix the weak side of you. 
As my conclusion, you need to be grateful and think of what’s the best for you. Start from now and stop locking your self in your room and keep on waiting what will come to you because success won’t come to those who do not work for it! Have a good day!

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