Nasi Lemak at Village Park, Damansara Utama

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Nama restoran ni bukan lagi asing bagi penggemar makanan local especially those yang tinggal somewhere around Damansara Utama….

Nama restoran ni bukan lagi asing bagi penggemar makanan local especially those yang tinggal somewhere around Damansara Utama. Dengan suasana yang selalunya crowded dengan customer yang tidak pernah bosan untuk menjamu selera mereka dengan pelbagai hidangan yang dianggap begitu ‘memukau’. You come for once, i’m sure most of you will come again for their foods especially Nasi Lemak.
Actually, Nasi Lemak dia biasa saja i mean the look lah. Dengan nasi, kacang, timun, sambal and ayam goreng which is mana-mana kedai makan pun boleh serve this kind of nasi lemak. But i do agree that it tastes like superbly delicious macam boleh buat kita ketagih nak makan lagi. 
Tiada yang lain, it is Village Park Restaurant, Damansara Utama. They served many kind of local cuisines. 
This place is never been with an empty seat. There are always people who came and occupied the place.
The whole restaurant was too crowded, hardly to find an empty seats. If you’re not good enough in managing your anger level, please do not come during pick hours which are during breakfast (10am-1pm) especially during weekends where there are many people especially those with big families would like to come over and dine in or else you might just ‘tapau’ your meal and eat somewhere else. 
So, what are the foods i have ordered?
Mixed Vegetables – Couldn’t recall the price. It was around RM5 something. Pardon me.

Air Kendondong – RM4 
It was quite pricey but the taste is good
Very highly recommended. This one is the most delicious, for me. 

There goes my main meal. Its their signature Nasi Lemak – RM9
Again, little bit pricey but it is delicious.
Those who never tried their foods before, if you are interested to have a taste on their foods, i would like to recommend you to come over during their non-peak time which is usually during weekdays. If you still want to go during weekend, do come as early as you can or else you’ll need to wait for others to be done with their meal. Like i said earlier, you can also just take away the foods where it will only take a short time for you to order on the spot, make a payment and enjoy the foods at your home.
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Tulis pasal makanan, tiba-tiba rasa lapar pula. Fine


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