#OMGBLEGENDS: Journey to Wales and Cumbria, United Kingdom Starts Now!

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It feels like I’m still dreaming… of going somewhere that I have never expected to visit. It is Wales, a lesser-known territory in the United Kingdom that has so many hidden gems
I keep on asking myself whether it was real or the other way round. Still.

On an ordinary morning, I sat on my desk and slowly opened my laptop to do my works. Suddenly, one exciting e-mail popped out on my notification saying that I am invited to the United Kingdom (Wales and Cumbria) on a sponsored trip programme organised by Visit Britain (UK’s tourism organisation). I blinked my eyes and refreshed the e-mail (to ensure that it was sent to the right person). Dear Pojie, it’s not a dream but instead a reality that will happen.

I was nothing but super excited and thankful. Thank you once again to Visit Britain for selecting me and trusting my capabilities in becoming one of the platforms that could promote Wales and Cumbria as a destination to visit in the UK.

This six-day trip made me realise that the UK has more than just London (England) and Edinburgh (Scotland). There are other destinations that deserve more attention from us, Wales and Cumbria are one of those. Interestingly, this trip also was designed to cover several filming locations of the King Arthur: Legend of The Sword movie, which will be released next month (May, 2017). Please watch their behind-the-scene video (HERE) and the official trailer (HERE).

OMG! I went to some of the filming locations, now getting so excited to share it to all of you. Wait for my next entries ya. But for now, I would like to share a short recap video of my trip there. Hope you will enjoy this.

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Also, visit www.visitbritain.com/kingarthur to unlock your kingdom (pssst, you could also win an awesome trip to Britain)!

This #OMGBLegends trip was made possible by a cordial invitation from Visit Britain, in conjunction with the promotional campaign of King Arthur: Legend of The Sword filming locations in Wales. To find out more about Visit Britain, simply visit www.visitbritain.com | Most images and footages during the trip were taken using EOS M5 www.canon.com.my


  1. Video kau yang best tu membuatkan aku teringat Eurotrip aku Februari lepas, masa pergi ke Lake District 🙂 Thanks for the video bro.

  2. Hi Kak Ana, betul. Wales sangat cantik. Selalu ingat England je when it comes to United Kingdom. Tapi, sebenarnya banyak lagi tempat-tempat menarik di sini. Kalau ada rezeki lagi, insyaAllah akan ke Wales untuk kedua kali! 😉

  3. Terima kasih Busyra! Betul, teruja and terharu sangat dapat peluang macam ni. Kan best kalau ramai boleh experience seperti ni 🙂

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