Preparing 4 dishes using wagyu meats from Halal Wagyu Japan

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Howdy. I hope you guys are doing well. Since last year, I have developed a new skill… which is cooking. I know some of you might laugh at this but hey, I’m proud of myself. I no longer need to 100% depending on others’ cook, delivery or takeaway. Anyway, that’s not the main point of this article and that’s also not the main reason why you are reading this blog post.


I was browsing some cooking tips then I stumbled upon one website that shows how we can cook and get halal wagyu meat at affordable prices. Then I thought, why don’t I try to challenge myself preparing different dishes using this precious meat.

I never tried wagyu beef before because I always thought that this meat costs an arm and leg, which I believe I can’t afford it. Some of you might think the same way.

Ever since I visited Halal Wagyu Malaysia, I realised that wagyu meat is not just for those super kayanganz group. Thus, their tagline is “Now everyone can eat wagyu“.

In this article, I’m gonna showcase my experience preparing four types of dishes using wagyu meat. Don’t worry. All are not a complicated menu and suitable for beginners. I got myself the Stay Home Wagyu Kit which consists of 1 pcs of steak cut, 1 pcs of yakiniku and 1 pcs of shabu-shabu.

Disclaimer: I’m not a pro cook but I will try my best. Jangan kecam pula if you notice any flaw or something missing. I appreciate if you could share tips or advice for me to improve my cooking skill.


 4 ideas to cook your wagyu beef 

 1. Grilled Wagyu Wrap 

I saw this simple recipe somewhere on TikTok, where people share tons of recipes on how to make a healthy wrap. Thus, I decided to give it a try but make it extra by using wagyu meat.

Ingredients: Mission Wraps (garlic flavoured), cherry tomato (you can use salad, baby spinach, wild rocket or avocado), olive oil, black pepper, mayonnaise and cheesedale.


1. Pour a little amount of olive oil on the pan and grill the wagyu meat.

2. Fill the wrap with meat, vegetables, cheese, mayonnaise and sprinkle a little bit of black pepper.

3. Cut one part of the wrap and fold it nicely.

4. Grill for a few seconds and done.


How to thaw wagyu meat? Thaw your beef in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours. This is the best way to thaw, allowing the Wagyu to retain all of its natural juices for exceptional flavour. Hungry now? Keep you Wagyu in the vacuum-sealed package and submerge in a bowl of cold water for a few hours


 2. Maggie Goreng Sambal Ikan Bilis with Wagyu 

This one is my favourite and I’m pretty sure you will love it too. Maggi goreng is indeed my favourite dish to enjoy when I’m watching my favourite movie on Netflix or simply to satisfy my late-night cravings. For this one, I’m going to bring maggi goreng to another level by serving it with wagyu meat. Barulah maggi kayangan uols.

Ingredients: Grilled wagyu meat, Maggi Goreng Sambal Ikan Bilis, red chili, onion, pak choy and olive oil.



1. Boil the noodle.

2. Stir fry onion, red chilli, the maggi seasoning powder and pak choy.

3. Serve with the grilled wagyu beef. Done.


 3. Steak 

To be honest, I’m pretty nervous to prepare this one. This dish has lots of do’s and don’ts but I’m just gonna cook it since it’s pretty straightforward though.

Ingredients: Wagyu meat (steak cut), olive oil, butter, thyme, garlic, salt, black pepper and seasoning powder.


1. Season the meat (both sides) with a pinch of salt, black pepper, herbs and seasoning powder.
2. Heat your pan, olive oil or butter in together with garlic and thyme.
3. Grill both sides of the meat as you prefer to be – rare, medium-rare or well cooked.
4. Serve the meat. Psst, don’t let that oil juice wasted.

 4. Hot Pot 

This last dish is pretty easy to prepare and healthier too. Extra points earned when you use wagyu meat.

Ingredients: Wagyu meat (shabu-shabu), kelp, mushrooms (you can use other vegetables too), dashi, water and chilli oil as a dipping sauce.


1. Boil the water and vegetables.

2. Put in kelp and add some dashi to add taste.

3. Done. Enjoy the shabu-shabu by dipping it into the boiling water and eat with chilli oil.


 How to find halal wagyu beef in Malaysia? 

You don’t have to go through a complicated and costly process in order to get halal wagyu meat. Halal Wagyu Malaysia, which is introduced by AAH Nippon made the life of wagyu enthusiasts easier by being the biggest Japanese wagyu importer.

AAH Nippon’s main vision is to make wagyu meat accessible in the Malaysian market by:

1. Providing a full range of wagyu meat in Malaysia.

2. Developing a concept of “from farm to table”.

3. Developing a concept of One Stop Wagyu Center.




Besides wagyu beef, they sell different kinds of products such as rice, frozen products, grilled sets and more.

If you wish to know more about Halal Wagyu Malaysia, simply visit their official website here and here, Instagram or Facebook page.


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