Reasons Why You Should Buy Joey Mattress

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If I have to list down the most important aspects of life, one of them would be a good sleep every night. I. Really. Mean. It.

Let’s be realistic. We’ve been working hard doing different tasks (sometimes our workloads are beyond than what we can do) during the day, I believe we all deserve a good quality sleep to rejuvenate so that we are physically ready to rock the next days. 

In this case, choosing the right mattress is IMPORTANT. Try to imagine choosing the wrong one. Oh dear, the back pain and sores that you get in the next morning is just not cool. 

The challenge that we usually need to go through when buying thing is that we have so many options available in the market and it’s difficult to decide which one we need and like. For example, let’s say if we are looking for a mattress. We have no choice but to go to their showroom or shop, got confused with the salesman who is being pushy asking us to buy this and that because of this and that, while we are clueless about this and that. Tough times, folks. 

I’ve been sleeping on the same mattress for almost 8 years. The condition of my mattress proved that I need to get a new one. While scrolling through my social media channels, I saw people posting a promising review about Easy unpacking process and a scene of them backflipping with a glass of water on the bed (no, it didn’t fall down) really caught my attention and made me realise that I. NEED. THIS. MATTRESS.

I’ve been sleeping on Joey Mattress for almost three weeks and I believe it is safe for me to say that I AM SO GLAD FOR MY DECISION TO GO WITH JOEY MATTRESS. If you are unsure what mattress to choose, keep reading this blog post as I’ve listed several reasons why you should buy Joey Mattress

 It’s a local brand   

Did you know that Joey Mattress is a Malaysian brand? 

Yes, it is founded by two smart and bold young entrepreneurs, Winson and Joey, who started this adventure based on their own experience and struggle in finding a mattress for themselves. 

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A mattress is considered as a life investment and it’s not an easy purchase. So, they spent years of doing researches, idea developments and experimenting various methods and finally, Joey Mattress was introduced to make this mattress industry more convenient for the consumers because they believe Malaysians deserve to get better sleep at a fair price

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This proved that we, Malaysians, can produce an amazing product like this. This is definitely a great opportunity to support our local brand!

 99-Day Trial 

Trying a mattress in-store for only 10 to 15 minutes is not enough for us to know whether that particular mattress is suitable for our body and posture during sleep. Sadly, we don’t have that luxury of time to try it and decide what’s best for us. Even worst, there is no free or convenient process to return it if you don’t like it. You ended up stuck with a mattress that you dislike for another 5 or 10 years. Oh well…

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The good thing is that Joey Mattress offers a 99-day trial so that you can try and decide whether you like the mattress or not. If you don’t like it, you can return the mattress and they will do a full refund. No questions asked

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They will pick up the mattress from our home for free. You don’t need to worry about it.

 It’s easy to unpack & unfold 

Joey Mattress made its packaging easy for delivery/return and also for us to unpack and place it on our bed frame. It is packed in a box that is easy for me to move around just in case I haven’t decided the new placement of my bed frame (Well, indecisive problem…). 

I’m still amazed by how they pack the mattress and fit it inside the box. I mean for a king-sized mattress, how can they possibly fit it inside the box though. It’s such a brilliant idea!

There is a complete and easy-to-digest manual inside the box. You can refer to it when you want to unfold your mattress. It’s easy and fast. Also, they left important tips on how to sayang our Joey Mattress. We need to use it for another 10 years. It’s crucial to know how to take care of the mattress, isn’t it?

I’m so glad that Joey Mattress made this process easier for us. 

You just need to unfold, unpack and later on, unwind

 It’s made to improve the quality of our life 

Joey Mattress’s mattresses are equipped with a special mattress technology called J-Foam, which is engineered in-house for better durability, bounciness and breathability. I like it because it feels cooler when I sleep on it. I don’t have sweaty or sticky body condition when I wake up in the next morning. The use of this special technology has sets Joey Mattress apart from its competitors. 

Their mattresses have two layers. The top one is 8cm thick and it’s a bouncy comfort layer with pressure-relief characteristics. Meanwhile, the bottom one is 15cm thick which provides firm support for the spine. You can still sleep comfortably even if you tend to change your body posture while sleeping. 

On top of that, what I like about this mattress is it has Zero-Motion Transfer technology that can isolate movements on the mattress to avoid any disruption during your sleep. A mattress that has this special technology is indeed an ideal one for those who don’t sleep alone. 

“Are you sure?”

“How come weh?”

You don’t trust me? You can place a glass of water on the mattress and jump beside it. 

Try la and see it. I did it, the glass didn’t fall down. I’m amazed. 

 How much is it? 

Single 91cm x 190cm x 23cm (RM 1,250)

Super Single (107cm x 190cm x 23cm)

Queen 152cm x 190cm x 23cm (RM 1,895)

King 183cm x 190cm x 23cm (RM 2,395)

The above prices come with free delivery/return and a 10-year warranty. The delivery service is available nationwide and it is FREE.

If you live within Klang Valley, you will receive your mattress the next day or schedule it at your prefered day (Monday – Saturday). 

West Malaysia: the mattress will be delivered in 4 – 5 working days.

East Malaysia: the mattress will be delivered within 25 – 30 working days.

Use my code POJIE150 to get RM150 off when you purchase your Joey Mattress

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If you have an old mattress in place, you can request them to take it away for an additional RM150.

 How to know more about Joey Mattress? 

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Featured on Media: TheStar, NewStraitsTimes, Options The Edge, Vulcan Post, BFM, ProductNation, IDMalaysia

Reviews: Click Here

“What I want to do with this brand is to convey the idea that mattress shopping does not have to be so exhausting.” 

Fortunately, they have proved the above with Joey Mattress


  1. Ive been eyeing for a mattress for quite some time. Thanks for the review, i shall consider this brand. Thanks pojietwnk ?

  2. if we look at the price.. it is not that pricey considering the goodness ull get from it. plus it comes with a-10-year warranty. nak apa lagi ?? in my list insyallah soon. i like the zero motion transfer technology. kadang2 annoying bila ada orang sebelah tidur bergerak..

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