Red Bull Air Race 2014

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It was gloomy day in Putrajaya and yet people are still excited to attend and see the acrobatic flying and air racing competition between the stars. Nothing much during the media session. We just got the chance to go walking around at their plane center, interviewing the athletes and stand our chance to have a picture with them.

Its been a very wet day. Luckily its only for short of time. 
Below are the airplane owned by the athletes

Circus Aircraft – Mike 

Peter Besenyei


Yaver – Hannes Arch

Me with Lutfi standing right infront of Peter Besenyei’s

Me with the Breitling’s

Photograph and interview session

Panorama view of the media and airplane center

Me walking around the center

That’s Hannes Arch during interview session
The crowd by the people who are keen to interview and have a picture with Yoshi.

That’s Yoshi with his airplane

Selfie again in front of Yoshi’s spot. 

Hey! Its me with Yoshi.

That’s Peter been interviewed by the media

I’m standing and selfie right infront of Mathall
It was a great experience i had during the day. Unfortunately, i couldn’t attend the race day due to bad fever. Just hope that i will have my chance to attend the other event soon. InsyaAllah. Thanks to Jiena for helping us out. 

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