TGI Fridays Meal For 2

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Pernah tak rasa nak dating berdua tapi takut sangat duit belanja tak mampu tampung untuk dua orang? Pernah tak terasa nak makan dekat restoran mahal tapi risau duit tak cukup? Well, TGI Fridays ada special offer kepada penggemar makanan ala western. Now, you can definitely enjoy great deal which is meal for two in just RM45.90++.

Sampai dekat e-Curve tadi dalam pukul 16:00. Perut dah rasa lapar and malangnya kitaorang masih belum decide nak makan mana. We passed through TGI Fridays and suddenly something interesting came through my mind. 
Teringat baca review from bloggers through Nuffnang regarding Meal for 2 by TGI Fridays. I’m not a big fan of western foods but with this offer, I would love to enjoy western food today!
Kebiasannya makanan dekat TGI Fridays ni is indeed delicious and yet agak pricy especially for students. Tapi, they made up their mind to give the best offer untuk everyone out there (terutamanya couple). Instead of paying almost 80++ for 2, now you can just enjoy their foods for only 45.90++. Nak tahu macam mana? Keep on scrolling!


Choose your appetisers. There are variety of appetiser to choose. Pick the best one for both of you! Good luck!

Part ini paling best and mencabar in which we hardly able to decide which we will order for our meal. Nampaknya semua sedap-sedap belaka. Come on!

Don’t forget to order their Fridays Sundae for only RM10. Its in a big portion which is suitable for two. 
What did we pick for our meal?

Loaded Mashed Potato Cakes

Fish & Chips 

Chili & Garlic Shrimp

This was my second time (I guess) having my meal at TGI Fridays. Their food is undeniably delicious. I believe that I should order other main course since Fish & Chip is too mainstream. Nampak sangat tak reti makan makanan western. Bhahaha. Overall, it was fun! We were bloated with so many foods today. Sampai tak larat nak gerak.

CLICK HERE to find out more about their offers!


  1. aaa sedapnye menu tu
    berbaloi kalau dapat promosi utk 2 orang sekaligus
    telan air liur tengok hidangan menyelerakan

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