Thailand – Percutian Bajet ke Krabi Part 3

Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Hai! Eh, rupa-rupanya belum habis lagi cerita pasal Krabi ni. Since dah up dalam draft box, apa kata…

Hai! Eh, rupa-rupanya belum habis lagi cerita pasal Krabi ni. Since dah up dalam draft box, apa kata kita teruskan je share pengalaman dekat para pembaca yang sudi bertandang ke teratak aku ni. So, anda semua dah baca Part 1 dan Part 2 kan? Kali ni aku akan kongsi sedikit aktiviti seterusnya dalam entri ini.

Our group was divided into two. First group did James Bond Island Hopping and we did Kayak at Ao Thalane Bay. Previously, I did kayak too – read em HERE. Compared to previous one, this time is easier and more relax. 

The cost for this package is THB400 per person (half day). It is highly recommended for you to take a half day package because normally they will offer you a lunch and swim at the Phu Tara, if you take full day package which I believe not really worth it (based on my personal experience). 
We depart from our hotel Ao Nang Goodwill around 9 am — Sheril and Widat were late and I can see the driver is a little bit clumsy because of these two girls who went to 7E just to get their morning drinks (super sweet drinks). The journey took about 30 to 45 minutes to reach Ao Thalane Bay. It was quite far from Ao Nang Beach and now I know why he is so clumsy because there are another groups joining the tour on that day. 

Arrived at Ao Thalane Bay — you will listen to a short brief from your tour guide and fill up your name and other details as required on form provided by them (for insurance thingy and etc). After that, take all the kayak equipment and get into your own kayak. 
Luckily there is kayak provided specifically for three people. I thanked for it as I don’t have to share with other people. Three of us were in one kayak. Oh! This kayak activity will take around 2 hours.
Now we are fully equipped with safety jackets and In the beginning, it was quite difficult for us to synchronise our movement. Pada mulanya, susah untuk dapatkan balance yang betul since ada tiga orang atas kayak ni but few minutes later we’re okay and good to go!
If you prefer to enjoy the views and spend some time to snap photo along the way, let the group lead you which means let them go first. You’ll be the last one after them. We enjoyed it sebab lebih relax and tenang despite of the tour guide keep on warning us to consistently stick with them. 
Dalam hati: “Alaaa, this bay is not that big. We won’t get lost and plus we have this safety jacket. Don’t worry“. Degil betul but people always said that dekat tempat orang ni kenalah ikut cakap. Jangan besar kepala. LOL
Along the way, the tour will stop at few interesting spots just for relaxing and some photo (if you insist it). Nothing much, for me its a great time to take breath and chit chat with others. 

We continued kayaking before we reach another best spot. This time we’re allowed to go down and floating around. This is truly exciting!
We parked our kayak and quickly jumped into the water. But before that, selfie is compulsory before we get into the water. 
Me: Are we allowed to swim around?
Tour guide: Of course! You have around 15 minutes. 
1, 2, 3 and JUMP!

It was so much fun and now we’re heading to another area in Ao Thalane Bay. As usual, this would be the most uncomfortable area — mangrove area. 

Here it is more challenging and we can see our ability (skill) to kayak here because the route is smaller. Despite of the uncomfortable feeling (mosquito and sticky water), we enjoyed it. The best time to indulge yourself with nature. We spent around 20 minutes at the mangrove area. 
Finally we’re out. Let these two girls do the job and i’ll be the boss. Bhahaha! The kayak was easy along the way before it was windy and the water is quite bumpy — it requires a good kayak paddling skill and energy for sure. 

We struggled towards the end. The only thing that you can do is keep on moving forward and just don’t let yourself panic. Relax and continue paddling
Finally, we reached at the starting point after kayaking for 2 hours and 15 minutes. They served us with fresh fruits (watermelon and pineapple) to restore our energy. Super duper hungry and now we’re heading back to our hotel. 

On the way back, our driver dropped by a food stall and bought a food (it looks like otak-otak that we have in Malaysia) but the filling is like fried coconut dodol or something. It was our first time trying this food and we couldn’t explain to these British guys about its name. Thats all for this entry and i’ll write more Krabi experience in my next entry. See ya!


  1. Assalamualaikum bro pojie. Maaf bertanya. What are the setting you're using for your lovely GoPro? And the apps you use to filter the photos? I tried few settings. Tapi hasil gambar tak memuaskan.

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