The hardship behind this Ondeh-Ondeh

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It took quite long time for me to have my fingers ready to write a lit bit about this story. Back to almost three years ago, i was assigned to do an assignment for Photo Documentary to fulfill one of my course works. I was so curious to do cover on this one particular shop somewhere in Jonker Walk. The shop is owned by one lady selling out her Kuih Ondeh-Ondeh. The one with the gula melaka in it. My favorite one too. 

Right after my idea was approved by the lecturer, i went to her shop and stayed there for almost one day (from morning until the shop is closed). It was quite though when i have to cover my assignment during the Ramadhan. Memang terliuq sajalah tengok kuih tu dibuat depan mata. Alhamdulillah, i did survived during that time. Let us enjoy the pictures. I won’t bother all of you with lot of texts to read in this entry.
Couldn’t state the location precisely. I believe by looking the pictures below, you’ll know which one is her shop. If and only if she didn’t do a drastic renovation on her shop or moved somewhere.

She got such endless customers that would like to give a shot on her ondeh-ondeh.

Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me her real name. She asked me to call her Makcik. That would be more than enough. So sepanjang cover cerita dia, aku just panggil dia makcik and surprisingly, itu juga membuatkan aku more closer to her and be able to grab her inner stories. 
She was accompanied by one Indonesian lady. Couldn’t recall her name but she was so clumsy memang tak kering gusi tengok gelagat dia.
The tourists who passed by through her shop, they will definitely take out their camera and take some shots. People will find it as unique and valuable. Just tak tahu nak explain kenapa but memang betul because i’m one of them.
She’s the one who made the ondeh-ondeh and she’s also the one who did managed on their financial. How amazing is that?

Couldn’t take the shots above in proper angle. The aroma is just so tempting. 
Below are the photos of her and the customers again

Below are some unique and artistic things that everyone can see in her shop, when they drop by here.

Dahaga memang dahaga. Lapar itu tidaklah terasa sangat. Dengan cuaca yang agak panas, dimana lagi kena panjat sana sini, kena kejar subject matter yang hanya boleh didapati dalam masa yang begitu pendek, kalau lambat maka melepaslah! Alhamdulillah, it was almost the time for us to break our fast. I took my mineral water just to berbuka and continued my job as i believed that every second counts or else you’ll missed it. 
On this particular level, i asked the makcik to assume that i’m not around. By giving her that kind of direction, well then she could give me more natural and memorable situations.

She took around 30 minutes for break fast, rest and performed her prayer. 

After that, she continued her work again. 

and again she was welcomed by never ending customers.
They are all very tired but they still could put some smile on their face. 

its time for them to do their closing. 

I’ve been with her like almost the whole day, i didn’t hear the sigh from her, she doesn’t show the faces of being tired. I was amazed by how strong she was. She told me each of the stories that she had in her life. Standing alone by herself just to survive to the another days. She was a single lady, no children (as what she told me) and the shop is all what she got in her life, assuming that the shop is her life.
By the end of the day, she asked me
“Dah nak balik tu, taknak bawa pulang ke kuih yang makcik buat ni?” 
I was touched by how she offered me to bring back the ondeh-ondeh that she made for me and i said to her “Thank you so much. Ada umur yang panjang, saya akan jumpa makcik lagi.”
Layout source: Berita Harian Newspaper
Below are the result from what i’ve covered through out the whole day with the aunty. Pardon me for some mistakes occured on the so called newspaper layout. It was the part of my learning process. Alhamdulillah, the aunty and her assistant helped me a lot to accomplish my task. Extremely tiring but it worth the efforts!

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