Things I Like About Lumos Projector

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This pandemic really changed our lifestyle. We used to meet up with our friends, go for cafe hopping, and travel around freely without restrictions. Another thing that I miss the most is going to the cinema to watch new movies. I mean, who doesn’t, right?


Since we are urged to stay at home, I successfully turned my small room into my cinema. Nah, don’t worry. No major changes or decorations. With my LUMOS RAY Projector, all I need is an empty wall and an Internet connection.

This cute projector is everything for me now. I spent my nights watching my favourite movies, videos on YouTube, and a few of my travel vlogs. Urgh, I just can’t stop mentioning how I miss travelling so so badly.

If you are thinking of getting a projector for yourself, below are some of the things I like about LUMOS RAY Projector. I hope this article can give you some useful insight before you decide to purchase it.

#1 First, let’s talk about the design

Shaped like a polaroid camera, LUMOS RAY is definitely an Instagrammable projector. It’s lightweight (1.2 KG), super portable, and easy to install. That means you can conveniently bring it everywhere you want.

Let’s say today you want it to be in your living room and the next day you changed your mind to place it in your room or maybe you’re going to your friend’s house for a sleepover.

 #2 Specs 

LUMOS RAY projector is equipped with 720p BluRay (1080p Support), 3000 Lumens, aspect ratio 16:9/4:3, Dolby-Audio-support speakers on both sides of the projector, and with 16 x 17 x 15 cm dimension.

The range of the projected screen size is between 50 – 150 inches. Meanwhile, the projection distance is from 1.5 – 4.5 meters. So, the bigger your room, the bigger the projection screen can be. With its super-sharp resolution & clarity, It’s almost like you’re in a cinema hall.

 #3 Inbuilt Features 

There are two types of LUMOS RAY project, which are Smart and Regular. Mine is a RAY Smart one.

RAY Smart has better features compared to RAY Regular and of course, the price is also slightly expensive.

Some of the special features of LUMOS Smart are it has an Android 6.0 operating system, RAM 1GB + ROM 8GB memory and storage, Bluetooth 4.0, inbuilt Airplay/AirScreen app for iOS and Android phones.

Not just that, what I really love about the projector is it has YouTube, Netflix, and App Play Store. You can connect it to your WiFi and download or stream whatever you want and available.

How much and where to get it?

RAY Regular: RM599

RAY Smart: RM798

Bundle Ray Regular + RIZE Stand: RM778

Bundle Ray Smart + RIZE Stand: RM977

Plus, they have a 1-year local warranty for their products.

If you have a proper space to place the projector, you can skip the RIZE stand. However, if you wish to properly stand your projector, it’s definitely recommended to have one. It’s based on your personal needs.

Did you know that LUMOS is also a local Malaysian brand? Yup, that’s right. This is our opportunity to #supportlocal in these tough times. You can visit LUMOS’ official website to find out more. For reviews, you can check here.

Now, turn off your lights, switch on the air conditioner, grab your favourite snacks and enjoy your favourite movies with LUMOS Ray Projector!


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