Things to do in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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If you’re looking forward to visit a place with many unique and distinctive buildings that came with their own stories, Siem Reap is the best place to visit and could fulfils the things that you’re looking for. In addition, Siem Reap was listed in the top lists of cities that people should visit which I couldn’t agree more on this. 
One of the places that we visited in Siem Reap was Angkor Wat. It is a first Hindu and later Buddhist temple in Cambodia also the largest religious monument in the world. Angkor Wat simply means “Temple City” and it is also listed under UNESCO for its own unique values of attraction in tourism.
We were welcomed with a support of wondrous landscape and amazing buildings. Uh! Not to forget, most of Siem Reap people are soft spoken and polite in any thing that they do especially welcoming the foreigners unlike some countries or places (based on my experience).

During our second day in Siem Reap, we decided to walk around this small and beautiful city with just 20 USD for a one day pass and per person. With this ticket or pass, you’ll be able to visit many attractions in Siem Reap. If you go by your driver, he will bring you to the counter and buy your ticket. 
There are many places that you can visit. I’m sure a one day pass wouldn’t enough for you to visit all of them. After you bought your ticket, you’ll be able to see the map and list of attractions you can definitely visit. 
Walaaaaa! I got my official ID to visit this awesome city. I took a one day pass and surprisingly my mug shot photo was printed on this ticket. LOL

Bear in mind that distance between one place to another is not that far. Spend your time wisely and you don’t need to be in rush. Just enjoy and take lot of pictures.

Beautiful views and awesome landscape.
After we’ve entered the temple. This temple is extremely big. My advice is, don’t get lost. LOL

Beautiful color of the grass.

Couldn’t hold myself to have many pictures of mine standing around the temple. VSCO-kind-of-shot much! 

Its hot & luckily there’s a ‘place’ for me to have a break.

Big smile from us enjoying the magnificent views.
This temple is not only for tourist attraction. Its also maintaining the actual purpose for local people, which is their place to pray. While walking and enjoying the beautiful building, you’ll be able to see some of their local peoples’ activities around Angkor Wat. 

You can have a look at them but don’t ever disturb them. You can definitely take their pictures but don’t let them feel being disturbed by you. I hope that you can read between the lines.

Some of the foreigners will also get along and do the prayer too.

My favourite kind of picture. Full with stories and soul.

Had my chance to photograph the locals after they’ve done praying. They seems so calm and peaceful.

Local people from different cities i supposed. 

Again, a shot of people do their prayer.
My advice: Be careful with your surroundings. Don’t get trapped by some ‘scams’ that will ask you to do something (prayer, luck or anything) that cost you quite a lot. Just be more aware and firm in refusing thing.
Poor little boy. You should be wearing a school uniform and be in school. He’s been following and try begging us to buy his souvenirs. Most of the kids there are happy when you have something for them such as food and others. Besides that, I was amazed by some of the kids where they are aware and expert in other countries’ currency. They even know the value of RM currency. Brilliant!

You could also do photo hunting here. Most of them will be a human interest kind of shot. 

Frankly speaking, Angkor Wat is a place that you must go when you are happened to visit Siem Reap. It would be perfect if you’re a type of person who loves histories and architecture. In my case, i love writing story and taking photo. Therefore, this place has fulfilled my need. We spent merely 2 and half hours here as i told you earlier, Angkor Wat Temple is extremely big. 
Some tips/advice for those who are about to visit Angkor Wat:-
  1. This place is quite hot as the weather is humid especially during early of October. I would suggest you to wear a proper attire when you visit the temple. Forget about wearing a fancy and winter attire. 
  2. Bring at least 2 bottle of water (bigger size of bottle is even better) to prevent you from being dehydrated.
  3. If you love to see happiness, bring some foods (candy or anything), toys or anything and give it to the kids around the temple. For sure, they will love it and stop asking you to buy their stuffs. LOL
  4. If you love to take photo of interior elements, I would suggest you to use wide angle lens as the space in the temple is quite limited. 
  5. Be extra careful in choosing your tuk tuk driver. Some of them might charge you for an expensive rate. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a polite and good driver. Just like us! Couldn’t remember the name, but he’s a good and respectful driver and we booked for the whole journey when we’re in Siem Reap. 
That’s all. We’ll be meeting up for upcoming entry. 
More stories are coming. 


  1. Betul. Salah satu tempat yang begitu cantik sekali. Terima kasih Gunadi Firdaus! Foto-foto kamu pun apa kurangnya. Semua bagus belaka.

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