Travel Guide for Your Unforgettable Trip to the maldives

Keep this travel guide for your future planning to visit Maldives

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The Maldives is the most perfect model of heaven on earth and the ideal destination for anyone who would like to ask. You should ask anyone you are in contact with today if they’d like to visit the Maldives.

The gorgeous, beautiful, and beautiful islands on the Indian Ocean are a haven of beauty and natural beauty. It’s one of those places that certainly lives up to the hype we visited to witness.

Before booking our flights I hadn’t done any research about The Maldives (it was simply one of the locations I knew I would like to visit) And shortly after making the reservation, I realized it was more difficult than I originally thought.

There are more options than I thought and that means there are plenty of things to take into consideration when packing (and lots of things that you shouldn’t) local laws I didn’t know about, and a myriad of things that Pinterest images never showcase. Check out the Thrillophilia reviews on Tripadvisor before making a booking in the Maldives to find the most suitable tour package at a low cost.

In this respect, I’ve compiled this list to assist you in planning your Maldives package. Some of the tips might be simpler and others more difficult, yet I’m confident that these suggestions will ensure that you enjoy your time in one of the most stunning spots in the world!

Seven things you need to know before you go:

1 – The Maldives is a Muslim Nation. This means that there isn’t alcohol. So when you arrive, you should avoid purchasing duty-free items. If you do buy alcohol products, you’ll be required to have them taken away from you once you arrive at the airport (they retained items until the time you left, although I’m not sure if this is the situation).

2 – Male is a bustling city that is likely to be among the most popular spots listed on the list. The city is where the majority of the population lives and also where most tourists don’t reach. If you do land at Male Airport it’s not the case that you arrive at Male island, but instead, you’re in fact on Hulhule Island.

3 – While the holiday islands in the Maldives are fairly open, The Maldives as a country is extremely conservative. So be certain to dress appropriately in places such as the airport. There’s a chance to dress in your bikini or speedos once you get to your private island getaway.

4 – Each resort is located on its distinct island.

5 – Each resort will have distinctive features and personalities. Be aware of this when booking. There is no similarity, even though the images of water-villas and snorkeling could suggest.

6 – A lot of these islands are operating their clocks (island time is an actual thing in this region). It’s typically one hour ahead of the local time in Male. This gives you “more space” to take in things like the sunset before dinner and feel as if you’re somewhere completely different (yes I know changing the time by an hour doesn’t add any time, but trust me in saying that once you’ve become accustomed to island time, you’ll be comfortable in the Island space).


Clothes: The focus is on breezy, lightweight summer clothing. There’s nobody around to assist you in your style and the general mood isn’t paying to. Pick a few chic outfits for those times when you feel like dressing up for the night, but it might be the case that you’re the only one that would like to.

If you choose to dress up for the occasion, make your outfit simple. Nothing else is required unless the bedroom, which is outdoors heavy clothing won’t work here.

Toiletries: Do the usual routine. Be sure to pack additional sunscreen as there are many water-based activities that you can take part in and you’ll see that you’ll need to refill your sunscreen with lots of sunscreens.

Cameras: Don’t forget to bring an underwater photographer. It’s hard to resist some floating cameras to safeguard yourself from falling over the camera.

Everything else, excluding:

Use your normal packing list. The islands are used to hosting guests, and they have storage on them so, if you’ve not packed all the necessities, there’s the chance that you’ll be able to find them. So don’t be worried.

Make sure you take your medication (if there are any) regardless of whether certain islands provide the island’s physicians.

How To Reach To Maldives?

The flight that connects the place you’re flying towards the Maldives is quite simple and is similar to booking flights to London from Paris. The trip to the islands is the one you need to be prepared for.

Straight up to islands:

Staying in more than one place in the Maldives is a fantastic alternative to make the broadest range of experiences you can while within the Maldives (even the snorkeling experience is distinct).

Each island is distinctive. A trip around the island will allow you to experience the thrill of finding a new spot in the Maldives. I can’t recommend it enough. (Plus you’ll look at home while other people leave to go home, while you’re just shifting to the next stunning Maldivian Island).

To travel to and return to the islands, it’s standard to select three (or greater) of three options based on the island you’re currently on. You can either:

1 – Go to the boat

2 – Consider a seaplane trip (the most expensive option and most beautiful). Seaplane flights depend on weather conditions so bear this in your mind when you plan your return.

3 – Take a transfer to the airport within the area, and then transfer to the boat.

It is vital to contact the hotel where you’ll be staying in advance to plan your move before the scheduled time. Don’t wait until the last minute.

If you’re planning on moving between islands, let the islands of the date you’ll be departing from and arriving for. It’s hard to regulate the time of flight if you fly between islands because flight schedules are set.

But the islands will stay in touch with one another and make sure they’re synchronizing your travel and your arrival. All you need to do is to tell them the name of the destination you’re going to and then return to enjoying a drink in the sunshine.

If you’re able to do it, there is a consensus that you must take an ocean planet flight at the very minimum. The ride is stunning and provides a unique opportunity to experience the Maldives.

Which are the best places to Stay?

I looked around the globe for places to stay and came to a winner of the most luxurious accommodation options within the Maldives. Here are our recommendations on the most ideal hotels and where they offer (not in any particular order and fully backed by our personal experiences):

Dusit Thani Maldives

I looked around the globe for places to stay and came to a winner of the most luxurious

The Dusit Thani is home to a personal butler as well as a variety of luxury accommodation options (ocean villas, Beach villas, beach villas… and many more). The hotel is home to an individual butler as well as the largest pool with an edge that is infinity in the Maldives.

It is possible to move in a golf buggy or bicycle. It is also where you can find the bioluminescent plankton-like strands of the beach at night. Be sure to search for them wherever you go.

Angsana Ihuru

It’s all about intimacy on Angsana Island. It’s among the smaller islands in the region. The entire experience, everything from sunset cruises to candle-lit meals on the shore (plus tiny deserted beach) is intended to provide an experience that is unique in every sense of the word.

The coral reef of this region is one of the more stunning found here (you’ve experienced dolphins, turtles, and sharks, as well as clownfish in all the usual ways) You’ll also be able to see species that aren’t possible to observe elsewhere.

Kurumba Maldives

Kurumba Kurumba can be described as the biggest of the group and is a major element of why there are plenty of things to do and experience when you’re there. The variety of accommodation available at the resort is extensive which is why, even though it’s considered to be a luxurious hotel (it can be a 5-star property at the end of the day) it’s able to cater to the broadest variety of budgets.

The sea life here is pretty good in addition, being so close to Male is the ideal place to start or end your Maldivian holiday here.

What to eat?

Our findings suggest that the food available in the Maldives is the least thing to think about. Each restaurant has a diverse selection of options. If you have particular preferences for food, make sure to inquire before your visit, but it may be difficult to locate restaurants that don’t satisfy your preferences. 

Take a look at our Thrillophilia review on Sitejabber website to read about our customers’ experience with Maldives food.

Which are the best attractions to see and do in Maldives?

Image by: Colin Watts

1 – Go snorkeling.

When you can dive into the beach directly in front of you, you immediately begin exploring the breathtaking and varied Maldivian wildlife.

2 – Have a romantic dinner.

The possibilities are endless for dining options located on islands. Candle-lit dinners at the beach, or exclusive villas. Select one, and make it unforgettable.

3 – Swimming with sharks.

Swimming with whale sharks is an amazing experience that you’ll remember for years to come, and even when you’re not in season, you can still enjoy a dip with sharks sporting black tips which are in the water throughout the year.

4 – Enjoy an organized tour with an expert in marine biology.

It’s fantastic however working with an expert is far more satisfying. They will be able to spot things that you might not be able to notice and assist you in getting the most enjoyment from the time you spend here.

5 – Tour the sunset.

If you’re lucky to be lucky, you’ll observe dolphins as you go by the act of doing this too. If not then the sunset in this area is breathtaking and is best thoroughly enjoyed with a glass of champagne sparkling.

6 – Relax for a few days.

You don’t need to consider this subject excessively. Just do it.

7 – Manta Rays swim with you.

Like whale sharks, mantas Rays are huge and amazing to see in the wild. The Maldives is the most ideal place to view them, however, it is essential to visit at the time of the season when you can see the rays.

Tips for saving money – I’ll make it clear and say that a trip to the Maldives costs only some dollars. Therefore, if you want to plan a budget trip to the Maldives look up some of the Thrillophilia Reviews on It’s a luxurious, top destination which is the actual truth, however, there are several methods to make smart savings and enjoy a trip that will last for a lifetime.

Tip For Saving Money

1 – Half board
You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to achieve this. This means that breakfast is eaten at an early hour and, if you’re anything similar to me, you’re inclined to indulge in food too much until lunchtime. into the picture, you’re hungry enough to eat a second meal.

You can choose to enjoy an energy-boosting lunchtime or opt for the pros and have the lunch buffet with champagne. If you’re looking for a half-board, then half-board vacations are the ideal option for an excursion into the Maldives. We enjoyed full-board but there were times when we went to the pool to relax because we were not eating and I thoroughly loved my meals. It speaks volumes!

2 – Visit outside during the season
The price is less and the availability is higher and you can enjoy amazing weather. You can reduce costs by choosing the months between May and November.

3 – Moving around
Stay in bigger and more expensive resorts on the water for your first visit (or on the final day of your trip) and then change to a beachside property later. Or perhaps even just move across islands.

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