Travelogue: Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi, Indonesia (VIDEO)

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Greetings! Hello everyone. I’m all up from my busyness and its been two weeks after my new semester has started. I wish you all in a good health and brighter days ahead. There are many things that left behind and i just couldn’t find the right time to write and share those stories with all of you. The thoughts are always in my mind and i’ll write each of the stories here, soon.
Well, i have something to show in this blog. This was my travel video when i was in Tana Toraja last year. Pardon me that i just brought up last year’s story. Anyway, it was such huge disappointment to know that i lost some of the footage(s). I’ll make sure to write each of the stories soon, here. 
Title: Tana Toraja Travelogue 2013
I’ll see you around, anytime, soon. 

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