Using the 99 Roses Bouquet to Say “I Love You”

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There are several things to consider if you want to say “I love you” to someone. 
Depending on the status of your relationship with the person receiving the gift, a Flower Delivery of 99 Roses bouquet always makes a meaningful gift. With the Florist to create the bouquet, saying “I love you” through the gift of flowers, especially Roses, is easier. 
If you want to send her this bouquet, here are some ways to say your love and emotion using the 99 Roses Bouquet:

 One colour 

A bouquet of 99 Roses in red color only is an ultimate way to say your deepest emotion. Other styles may have pink color only or white color only to symbolize love in different ways. With the symbol associated to colors in 99 stems of Roses and arranged in a lovely and pretty design, it is easier to say the words that you find difficult to utter. If this is what you want to tell her, the florist in Singapore can make that happen.

 Combination of colors 

The hand bouquet may also come in a combination of colors. You can customize one with red and white Roses or pink and peach Roses with the help of the online florist. The flower shop Singapore has the finest collections of Roses in different colors for this type of bouquet that express sincere love.

 Bouquets with chocolates 

You can also say “I love you” through the flowers in a special way by adding chocolates to the 99 Roses bouquet. Roses and chocolates make a perfect team that expresses sweet love. If you want to show that you love her deeply, why not add some chocolates in your gift of flowers.

 Bouquets with soft stuffed toys 

A bouquet of 99 Roses bouquet paired with soft stuffed toys, like teddy bear, is a great way to let someone know that your love is true and forever. A same day flower delivery of this gift will make your emotions more expressive of the love you feel for her.

 Bouquets with balloons 

Balloons are a nice gift item to add not only to accessorize your 99 Roses bouquet but also to say you love her. Some balloons come with prints and you can choose ones with “I love you” message printed on it.

Using 99 Roses Bouquet to say “I Love You” is more special and unique with the above suggestions. Your Flower Delivery Singapore of this bouquet on occasions will surely fire up the romance.


  1. I feel like there is a lot of ways to say "I love you" to your signifficant other, but nothing screams "You are my everything" like a 99 rose flower bouquet, ha-ha.

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