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Sharing is caring! Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Email Can you appreciate the brownish / orangey reflection on the trees (left picture) and those clouds (right picture)…

Can you appreciate the brownish / orangey reflection on the trees (left picture) and those clouds (right picture) from my latest trip photography?

I have a story.

A close mate asked me why I posted these 2 dull greyish pictures on my Instagram and told me that he wasn’t able to see the sunset or sunrise light effect on those pictures. Due to this, I was triggered to recommend him to go for the eye test with online Color Vision Test (Ishihara) and proven that he is suffering from red green color deficiency.

He wasn’t aware of it and he passed his driving license test after SPM
He struggled in art classes during school time but no one picked up his color vision problem
Red and green light on traffic light can be identified easily due to placement of light and also luminance difference when its turn on
However, he soon realised every single thing he saw now are more dull than my view, a bright red Ferrari seems to him like maroon red. His world is lacking of bright orangey perception so to say.
Previously, he consulted an ophthalmologist in Ara Damansara Medical Centre and was referred to USJ OPTOMETRIST in Taipan, Subang Jaya to test the color vision lens. He could passed the Ishihara test with those lenses prescribed by the clinical optometrist. Surprisingly, he is now able to appreciate the sunrise and sunset orangey feel of not just my photography but also the thing that surrounds him – even the Whatsapp logo notification color seems different and Ferrari are in bright-chilli red to him with the lens on.
Top image: While wearing lens on left eye which is unnoticeable in normal daylight | Bottom image: With bright torch light shining on his left eye to identify the lens

I was told that he bought the color vision soft contact lens which can be used in long term till the lens is no longer working. It is available in spectacle lens as well but both side lens are different in color and density which doesn’t look good cosmetically. The contact lens color are well covered by our dark iris and it will not be noticeable at all unless a bright light is shined on the lens. Doctor will not be able to notice them on eyes during test.

It is interesting to know there is a discovery that could solve his color vision issue and apparently no other optician or optometrist could have helped him as most optical shops we have been, they told us there is no solution.

Services provided by USJ Optometrist include: 

1. Comprehensive Eye Check (baby, child and adult)
2. Contact Lens Fitting (Soft & hard)
3. Myopia Control Lens
4. Multifocal & Bifocal Lens
5. Binocular Vision
6. Vision Therapy
7. Keratoconus Lens
8. Colorblind Lens
9. Dyslexia Lens
10. Migraine Lens

Thus, for those who need a solution to red-green color deficiency (most layman called it colorblind), please consult the below:


HQ address: 28, Jalan Usj 10/1E, Taipan, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia 
Tel: 03-80119038 
Branch address: Second floor, Mediplex SJMC, No 1, Jalan SS12/1A, Subang Jaya 
Tel: 03-56115589

Visit their official Facebook Page for more info.


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