Vibing With Nature: 4 Health Benefits of Elderberry

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For centuries, health-conscious people have turned to nature to find the nutritious and healing elements they need. Beneficial flowers, berries, and plants are now available in natural supplements to ensure people can reap their rewards every day. 

Start vibing with nature and discover the four notable health benefits of taking elderberry.

Support Your Immune System

When you first learn about elderflower, there is a lot to think about. While the flowers are beneficial, they are not rich in nutrients like the berries. The elderflowers and elderberries commonly used in food and supplements are from the genus Sambucus nigra. Harvested primarily in North America and Europe, elderberries have a notable European heritage with an array of foods featuring the popular berry. Elderflower and elderberry drinks, syrups, and supplements are full of antioxidants that help support a healthy immune system. The immune-boosting flowers and berries have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Plus, they help reduce free radicals in the body, minimizing cell damage and guarding against cardiovascular disease.

Rich in Nutrients

The elderflower does not contain nutrients, but it is low-calorie and helps the body process vitamin C. Elderberries are rich in nutrients, making them a viable choice to add to your diet for health as well as nutrition. One cup of elderberries contains just 100 calories, making it a healthy choice for people who are looking to lower their calorie intake. One cup also contains one gram of protein, one gram of fat, and 27 grams of carbohydrates. With 52 milligrams of vitamin C and 10 grams of fibre, elderberries offer impressive nutritional benefits, making them a smart choice in an overall healthy diet.

Combat Cold and Flu

As the weather turns frigid, people dread the chilly days and long nights as well as the arrival of the cold and flu season. The dreaded flu season is less stressful when you take elderberry supplements for their antioxidant benefits. Studies have shown that elderberry could be able to combat harmful viruses, such as the flu. Elderberries have an enzyme that helps release the virus from cells after they are infected. As a result, people with a cold or flu tend to suffer for less time when they take elderberry. Recent research revealed elderberry could also play a role in prevented certain types of coronavirus. Additional studies must be done to determine the effectiveness of elderberry to fight colds, flu, and other viruses.

A Wealth of Potential Health Benefits

As researchers continue to study the benefits of taking elderberry, a wealth of possibilities are revealed. For example, elderberries have been shown to lower cancer risk. Plus, they reduce fatigue and help to diminish nerve pain, which is helpful for those with conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome. Some find elderberries aid in weight loss while others use it to decrease constipation. Elderberry is also used for pain relief, such as toothaches and gingivitis, and to get relief from hay fever symptoms. Plus, elderberry may be helpful in treating HIV/AIDS.

Like any other supplement, it is important to read about the benefits and possible contraindications before taking elderberry. Doing the research helps you determine if elderflowers and elderberry could boost your overall well-being. With plenty of antioxidants, elderberry is beneficial for many people who want to have a healthier immune system and combat the common viruses around all of us today.

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