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We’re reaching the end of December and soon approaching 2016. I’m sure there are lot of exciting activities to do next year and one of them is Tuba Trail Run (TTR) 2016
What is it? 
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Photo above: My jumping-shot photo at the Tuba Jetty

Have you ever imagine (or wish) to run around a beautiful ‘untouched’ island and passed through different kind of views be it village and beach? If yes, we’re actually on the same boat. Now, you can actually enjoy this kind of experience when you participate the Tuba Trail Run 2016, that will be held in Langkawi next year.

Known as “The Jewel of Kedah”, Langkawi is also home to South East Asia’s first Global UNESCO Geopark, over species of birds and butterflies and 99 islands. Besides the main island of Langkawi, Tuba Island, which is the second largest islands, also a home to some 2000 inhabitants and left largely untouched by tourists and local people here.

In order to preserve the natural habitat, there were only few motorised vehicles are allowed on the island. Well, I guess its a good initiative to maintain the eco of this island.

Photo above: Tan Sri Khalid Ramli, Chief Executive Officer of Langkawi Development Authority (LADA) and the organisers of Tuba Trail Run 2016 during the soft launch and press conference at Kuala Lumpur – Photo by Projek Travel
As of April 2016, a 30-kilometer trail that spans Pulau Tuba and the neighboring Pulau Dayang Bunting, will be opened for the public to explore the wonders of these islands. The participants will pass through towering limestone cliffs, mangrove forests, as well as untouched sections of Pulau Dayang Bunting and Pulau Tuba, which are previously only accessed by local inhabitants. 
Photo above: Dive into an amazing nature atmosphere around Tuba Island
An inaugural 30-kilometer trail run, Tuba Trail Run, will be held on April 2, 2016 to launch the new trail and also to bring Pulau Tuba up as a destination for natural exploration. The fun part is the participants will be treated to a Kenduri (Malay ceremony)-style traditional launch.
However, the participation will be limited to 450 participants as they try to minimise enviromental impact. 
Photo above: Beautiful sunset view by Chenang Beach
A total of RM 21, 000 will be awarded to winners of the six categories: Men’s International Open, Women’s International Open, Men’s Local Open 18-39, Women’s Local Open 18-39, Local Veteran 40+ and Women Local Veteran 40+
Non-Malaysians are automatically sorted into the Open categories

“This run is more to introduce the beauty of Tuba Island. Enjoy! Bring back the memory and share it with your friends”

1. 30-KM trail distance
2. Single Distance
3. Difficulty: 5/10
4. Participation limited up to 450 participants
5. Hours: 6 Hours
How to join Tuba Trail Run 2016?
1. Visit Tuba Trail Run Facebook Page HERE, to find out more information about TTR
2. Register HERE and get the Super Early Bird rate with just RM160 starts from 10th to 15th December 2015
Note: Registration closed on 2 April 

Mark your calendar and lets be one with nature!

PS: I’ll share whole day experiences exploring Tuba Island in the next entry!


  1. perh memng menarik klau berpeluang joint marathon mcm ni..
    tapi kalau dri nak masuk kena sure stamina
    dlm thap terbaik.. btw tq share bro!!!

  2. Best. Alaaa, haritu dah pusing-pusing dekat Pulau Tuba untuk tengok trail dia. Bunyi je macam jauh dan memenatkan, tapi along the way korang akan nampak macam-macam spot cantik. Tak rasa penat pun. Plus, the main objective of this run is to expose the beauty of Tuba Island pun. Kalau menang, dapat la hadiah best tapi kalau tak menang, still dapat bawa balik memori menarik iaitu pengalaman meneroka Pulau Tuba yang sememangnya cantik! 😉

    Join la 🙂

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